Agenda (all times noted below are EST):

Monday - March 15, 2021

1:00pm-1:20pm Opening Plenary – Welcome and Overview of the Meeting
Kay O’Neill, MSPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Kyle Peplinksi, MA (HRSA)
Aleta Meyer, PhD (ACF OPRE)
1:30pm-2:20pm How HARC Members are Building the New Home Visiting Research Paradigm
Anne Duggan, ScD (Johns Hopkins University)
2:30pm-3:20pm How Home Visiting Stakeholders Can Use the Precision Paradigm to Design Studies Aligned with Emerging Funding Opportunities
Jill Filene, MPH (James Bell Associates)
April Wilson, PhD (Child Trends)
3:30pm-4:15pm Special Interest Group – Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation (capacity limited - special registration required)
Aleta Meyer, PhD (ACF OPRE)
4:15pm-5:00pm Special Interest Group – Beyond Home Visiting: What’s Outside the Box? (capacity limited - special registration required)
Deb Daro, PhD (Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago)

Tuesday - March 16, 2021
1:00pm-1:50pm Relational Techniques to Build Family Engagement – The Research We Have and the Research We Need to Inform Policy and Practice
Allison West, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
Mary Frese, MA (Erikson Institute)
Mariel Sparr, PhD (James Bell Associates)
2:00pm-2:50pm Pandemic Perspectives – Virtual Visits and the Precision Paradigm
Jon Korfmacher, PhD (Erikson Institute)
Dorian Traube, PhD (University of Southern California)
3:00pm-3:50pm Mapping the Paradigm to Describe and Differentiate Mental Health Interventions within Home Visiting
Robert Ammerman, PhD (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)
Darius Tandon, PhD (Northwestern University)
4:15pm-5:00pm Special Interest Group – Evaluation and Virtual Services: Exploring Strategies to Understand Impact (capacity limited - special registration required)
Representatives from National Models
Wednesday - March 17, 2021
1:00pm-1:50pm Moving toward Precision in Prenatal Home Visiting -- Model, Local Program and Participants' Perspectives on HV Pathways to Good Birth Outcomes
Ciara Zagaja, MPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Danielle D. Gaskin, MSPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Paris Lowe, MSPH candidate (Johns Hopkins University)

Mapping the Paradigm to Models' Existing MIS Data and High Priority Research Questions
Nichole Sturmfels, MPH (James Bell Associates)
Morgan Taylor, MSPH (Johns Hopkins University)
Rebecca Fauth, PhD (Child Trends/Tufts University)
3:00pm-3:30pm Closing Session - What We've Learned and Directions for 2021 and Beyond
Cynthia Minkovitz, MPP, MD (Johns Hopkins University)
MaryCatherine Arbour, MD (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)